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UMDT Accelerator Programme 2.0

  • To select UM Intellectual Property (IP) researched products and technologies - Pre-commercialisation grant to validate market with prototyping
  • A team - The team must consist of at least 1 UM Researcher and at least a business co-founder. The UM Startup Co-Founder Search Day can assist to find a suitable team.
  • UMDT Selection Committee approval - The team must apply for UMDT Selection Committee for approval.
  • Up to RM50,000 grant - Grant awarded to the researcher as a grant recipient, not to the team or a startup company. 

  • 6 months structured and guided accelerated programme. - There will a mentor to guide the classes and activities. The module will be on Lean Startup, Customer Discovery and other methodologies.
  • Team KPI:
    1. Customer Discovery Data from 3 Stages of UMDT market validation.
    2. Prototype(s) deployed.
    3. Team to Pitch to funders on UMDT Demo Day.
  • Specific roles of team members -
    • UMDT Market Validation Phase - The business co-founder will conduct market validation activities. Together with the researcher focusing on prototyping and product matters.
    • Post-UMDT Market Validation Phase - When the startup idea becomes a business, the business co-founder's role is to execute day to day business activities towards growth and expansion. The Researcher's role is to be a technical expert.

  • Equity Participation. - The researchers will form their own separate startup companies. They are willing to share the equity of their company with their chosen business co-founder(s).
  • Startups are Independent of UM - The startup companies, under UMDT Accelerator Programme, are private and independent Sdn Bhd from the University of Malaya. The direction and growth of the company are in the hands of the startup founders.
  • Saturday Class - Compulsory attendance for business co-founder from 9 am - 3 pm.

To Download the Programme Book: Click Here


No. Details Pages
1. RIMBA - Recreational Information Management & Database Architecture - Prof. Dr. Amir Feisal Merican bin Aljunid Merican                                       

2. Renewable Energy From Municipal Solid Waste - Dr Muhammad Shakeel Ahmad  
3. REO-Ge: A Solution For Semiconductor Processing - Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Wong Yew Hoong  
4. The Nature’s Way To Control Banana Plant Disease - Prof. Dr. Salmah Ismail  
5. Kit To Detect Mixed Meat Species In Food - Dr. M. A. Motalib Hossain and Prof. Dr. Mohd Rafie Johan  
6. Solar & Wind For Power Supply To Island Villages - Mr. Norhafizan Ahmad  
7. Onsite Motor Health Monitoring Device For Preventive Maintenance - Dr. Che Hang Seng  

8. Bio-based Mist To Prolong The Shelf Life Of Post Harvest Fruits And Vegetables - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Koshy Philip  
9. MolDesign: Intelligent System For High-Performance Material Discovery - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vannajan Sanghiran Lee  
10. Supercapattery - Hybrid Energy Storage Device - Prof. Dr. Ramesh Subramanian and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ramesh Kasi            
11. Bacteriophage Cocktails As A Diagnostic And Therapy Product For Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens In Aquaculture Farming - Dr. Tang Swee Seong                                  

Last Update: 04/07/2023