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What is the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)?

Intellectual property Rights (IPR) refers to creations of the mind (inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs) used in commerce.

Intellectual Property Components

What IP Team Does?

University Malaya (UM) is committed to building an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will accelerate the scaling of the outputs of its R&D through to their application to society; provide solutions to industry and open opportunities for high technology investment. UMCIE is a dedicated one-stop centre facilitating and coordinating these initiatives. UMCIE proactively protects and manages UMs broad intellectual property portfolio with a renewed emphasis on rapid licensing to industry. UMCIE also create strategic opportunities for investment into the latest technological advancements through the creation of technology and intellectual capacity-driven university startups. It is supported by a robust institutional policy (UM policy on IP and commercialization) as well an active and supported technopreneur and incubation programme.


  • IP unit aims to ensure an efficient, transparent and facilitative system for IP management at the UM
  • Identifying high potential R&D output and innovative products to be registered
  • Managing UM’s IPRs Portfolio
  • Providing advice on IPR to researchers and students
  • Create comprehensive University IPR data management & analytics centre


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Last Update: 28/02/2023