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Problem Statement

Malaysia experienced problems with the banana disease in the last few years, especially the Moko and Panama disease. Moko and Panama diseases are present in most parts of the country and have contributed to low production and capital loss in the banana industry. In 1952, conventional banana plantations were hit hard by new forms of disease across the world. Again in 1966, banana plantations were involved in Panama Disease or Fusarium wilt. Since then, agriculture in Malaysia has had to face these diseases, which is known for decades. It is so destructive that it single-handedly destroyed the Malaysian banana industry three years after being spotted in a Malaysian banana plantation.

Solution Statement

Our product is patent technology relating to a method called Plant Growth Generating Bacteria that is used in controlling the growth of harmful organisms like fungi by suppressing it. This limitation decreases banana plant pathogen and promotes healthy banana plant growth. It also helps reduce foreign dependence on poisonous chemicals that have damaged the ozone layer and has generated many carcinomal diseases.


Prof. Dr. Salmah Ismail
Institute of Biological Sciences
Faculty of Science, UM

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Area of Expertise:

  • Bacteriology (P.Multocida, M.Tuberculosis, Hyaluronic Acid, Recombinant Clone, Vaccines, Environmental Bioremediation, Antimicrobial Activity, Growth Media Formulation)
  • Biological Control (Oil Palm Diseases, Cocoa Diseases, Banana Diseases, Yield Production, Biofertilizer Application, Bioeconomy, Agricultural Sustainability)
  • Bioremediation (Biosurfactant, Oil Degrading, Waterwaste Treatment, Petroleum Recovery, Landfill Treatment, Pome, Mass Production Technology)

Last Update: 12/03/2022