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Problem Statement

Many factories and plants have many electric motors. These electric motors run 24/7. With many electric motors, it is inconceivable to monitor the condition of each one and perform repairs on time. Any failure will cause revenue loss due to production interruptions in shops. To ensure such a disparity doesn't occur, owners usually practice scheduled maintenance to keep motors sound. However, this may prove insufficient considering that the motor could break down before its' routine assessment or replacement due.

Solution Statement

In the proposed system, a data monitoring device is to be developed and placed on the motor in the field. More specifically, an IoT based device to perform condition monitoring of electric motors. The critical technology is on the AI algorithm to measure the signals from the motor and diagnose the health condition of the motor. An alarm will be triggered to notify the user if there are indications that the motor will be failing.


Dr. Che Hang Seng

Um Power Energy Dedicated Advanced Centre (UMPEDAC)

URL CV UM Experts:

Academic Qualification:

  • BEng (Hons)(Electrical Engineering), KEJURUTERAAN, UNIVERSITI MALAYA (UM)

Area of Expertise:

  • POWER ENGINEERING (Power Electronics Converters)
  • MACHINES AND DRIVES (multiphase machines)

Last Update: 12/03/2022