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Problem Statement

It's stressful for special needs children to learn Quranic letters the normal way

Down syndrome, autistic and ADHD children learn differently than normal children. These special needs children's challenge is the way they understand and process information differ significantly than normal children. This is also true with learning how to read the Al-Quran.  When Hence the normal way of learning to read Al-Quran does not work with special needs children.

Solution Statement

Al-Quran verses in batches the fun and exciting ways for special needs children

Tried and tested through research is the end product of Tiwalah Asyraaf. A special learning method using digital devices that is adapted to support fun, exciting, successful and sustainable learning experience for the children with special needs.


Dr. Unaizah Hanum Obaidellah
Department of Artificial Intelligence,
Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, UM


URL CV UM Experts:

Academic Qualification:

  • PhD(Sussex Unniversity,UK)(2012), SUSSEX UNIVERSITY, SUSSEX, UK
  • B.CompSc(Artificial Intelligence)(UM)(2004), UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA (UM)

Area of Expertise:

  • Cognitive Science (Eye-tracking, Cognition And Learning, Computer Programming Education, Special Needs Education, Cognitive-behavioral Research)

Last Update: 12/03/2022