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Problem Statement

Drug, Herb and Cosmetic manufacturer's failure in finding the competitive edge in their products.

The manufacturer's challenge is to increase the competitive edge of its existing products. We are referring to the drug, herbal and cosmetics manufacturers. Particularly in improving the effectiveness of their existing product. For example, some herbal products, such as supplements, lost their effectiveness when in the stomach before reaching the intensities. Another example some cream need to reach a deeper layer of the skin to become more effective.

Solution Statement

Nanolipid encapsulation

NLC Co. is the solution for the manufacturers in looking to enhance effectiveness of their drug, herbal and cosmetic products. NLC Co. will apply the existing manufacturer's product into nanolipid form.

Nanolipid , also known as Nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC) are a delivery system in which nano size lipid particles act as a potential delivery system for the active ingredients. NLC have some advantages in certain circumstances when compared with other type of carriers. In other words nanolipid encapsulates the active ingredient that will give a better delivery.

NLCs as nanolipid carriers find potential application in various fields. The applications are divided in two broader aspects covering the therapeutic applications which include the various routes of administrations in drug delivery and the second part describes the applications in other fields including cosmetics, nutraceuticals, food, chemotherapy and gene delivery.

NLC Co. has the know how and equipments to encapsulate the manufacturer's product into nanolipid form. This will be constant services that NLC Co. will provide to the manufacturer.

Total Addressable Market
The global skin care products market was valued at US$ 123.81 Billion in 2018.

Total Addressable Market
The global dietary supplements market size was estimated at USD 123.28 billion in 2019.


Prof. Dr. Misni Misran
Department of Chemistry,
Faculty of Science, UM


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Area of Expertise:

  • Colloid Chemistry (Nanoliposome)
  • Bio-compatible Materials (Drug Delivery)

Last Update: 11/03/2022