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Problem Statement

Multi challenges on addressing Halal grievances

In simple terms and what's most concerned about the issue of Halal at food outlets can be of two things. Halal meat and drinks being served, as well as Halal in terms of cleanliness, Halal Toyyiban. Two outcomes when customers questioned the Halal standard of a specific food outlet. First, the customers want the manager of the food outlet to answer my grievance. The grievance usually channeled through social media. Second, the customers want to inform others to be aware of my issue of the specific food outlet. This is also usually done through social media.

Here lie the challenges faced by customers and food outlet managers. Customers most cases have no other way to channel grievance other than social media. Customers don't get the grievances answered by the right person on time on social media. Food outlet managers don't know which social media the grievances are being channeled. Worst when it's being viral when not being addressed early. Further compounded when only specific types of food outlets have these problems. Small food outlet operators face more of this as a problem than the bigger chain food outlets.

Solution Statement

HALAL Squad App

Halal Squad app is the solution. Our Halal Squad app is a multisided platform for customers and food outlet operators. It's social media-based, where food outlet managers can answer the grievances on Halal issues posted by customers.

Our solution is more than providing a platform. We have the right technology in identifying the Halal grievances on other social media platforms. Our solution is finding those grievances and channeled back to the Halal Squad app.

We also provide the right technology & solution for food outlet managers to answer to those grievances via the Halal Squad app.


Dr. Azah Anir Norman
Department of Information System,
Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, UM


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Area of Expertise:

  • Management Information System (Electronic Commerce, Web Commerce And Social Commerce)
  • Data Security (Personal Identifiable Information, Integrity And Assurance)
  • Ict Policies (Cybersecurity Social Impact, Ict Outsourcing And Information Systems Planning, Privacy By Design)
  • Food Tracebility (Halal Food Traceability Application)
  • E-commerce (Web Commerce, E-commerce And Social Commerce On Security, Privacy And Trust)
  • Social Commerce (Security Maturity Social Commerce, Social Innovation)
  • Ict Policies (Information Security Governance)

Last Update: 11/03/2022